Exciting project in Rockliffe park: Old meets New

We have just received the images from our recent project in Rockliffe Park.

This is  one of those projects that shows how fantastic modern design can work in an older home. 

Old and new design can not only coexist, it can transform a dated place into something new and exciting. Or as in this case can emphasize the beauty of the old and the new features of the house.

The beautifully crafted original mouldings, suddenly draw attention against the reduced design of the Wenge wall paneling.

Handwerk interiors fabricated and installed a range of beautifully crafted cabinets and other mill work items including:

custom kitchen, wall paneling, hidden powder room door, entrance closet integrated in the wall paneling, floating ensuite vanity.




Island Detail

view from hallway 







Design and layout  was a collaboration between Jane Chapmann Architects and Serina Fraser from Clear designs.

The finishes and handles where chosen  by the client from our selection in the Handwerk showroom.

The cabinet doors and the wall paneling are made from engineered Wenge veneer with a clear lacquer finish. For the white accents we chose  white  lacquered high gloss.



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